A Child’s Cry

You say you have a big heart

If so, don’t deport our parents

They were young dreamers

Searching for better life

Like the pilgrims once did

They spent youthful years

Toiling and raised family

Now that their hair gray

And their children in school

Please let them stay here

In the land that has nurtured us

One that we have grown to love

Build wall for illegal ones now

Never banish the old settlers

Don’t separate us from our

Parents and siblings

We need home to return

After school like any children

(2-22-17.  By Byung A. Fallgren.  Byungafallgren.wordpress.com)

Poems / Minds

A well known, late poet once said in an article, “If English is your second language, don’t write poems.  Instead, write fiction.”  I understood what he meant.  But I didn’t agree with him because I had read well-written poems by poets to whom English is the second language.  However, I took his word and wrote novels.  Writing poems is not my forte, anyway.  Still, I could not avoid the fun of writing poems.  And with a good reason.

Some people say that they don’t know how to write a poem.  To me, there’s no such thing as how to write a poem, unless it is formatted one.  Writing formatted poems is not my favorite, mostly because I don’t want to deal with cadence, stanza, meter, feet and foot, etc.  To some degree, I do though.  A poem is the expression of your feeling and thought.  I write down my feeling and call it a poem.

They say poems are worthless.  You cannot make a living by writing poems.  True.  But a poem is an elevated form of your expression.  Writing poems not only calms you, but also enhances your soul.  No doubt, great poems move your mind with profound beauty.  Needless to mention, writing poems or reading has its own reward.

Considering that, I think beginning from Middle Grade, if not earlier, teachers should encourage the students to write at least ONE POEM A DAY.  So they can have a moment of reflecting their problems and figure out how to solve them.  Everyone knows bottled up emotions often lead to a mental illness.  That’s why we see so many killing incidents at schools and else where.  Gun control policy alone doesn’t prevent the crimes.  How about we use a psychological strategy, like the one upper mentioned and more?  Stop the crimes by treating the core problems–the MINDS, especially the poetry-deprived minds.  (Poetry-deprived minds are not necessarily people who doesn’t read or write poetry.  They are apathetic people with no respect for other people’s right and law.)

 (By Byung A. Fallgren.  Byungafallgren.wordpress.com.)

Oxymoron of the Days


I was in the crowd
Feeling desolate
No one noticed me
Until I spoke

I’m alone in evenings
With invisible companions
Chatting and laughing
Through emails and websites

I work at home solitary
No hector, no tittle-tattle
I get done works given to me
Which is a part of whole of every one’s

(by Byung A. Fallgren.  byungafallgren.wordpress.com)

Story of TB Positive

An elderly woman lived alone in a house at
the end of the dirt road.

At age 92, the only problem she had loneliness.
Being a homebody, she had few friends.

When asked, “Why don’t you move close to
your relatives or friends?”

She replied in a low voice, “I’m told I must
avoid people because I’m TB positive.”

“TB positive (or latent TB) is not contagious.
Active TB is contagious.”

“I’m old so I will become sick, right?”
“No, unless you have an extremely low immune system.”

“Old person has a bad immune system, right?”
“No, unless you don’t take care of yourself well.

“Besides, not everyone with TB positive become sick.
Only 1 in 10 people get it.

“With these signs, call a doctor:  Unintentional weight loss,
persistent cough, fever, night sweats, fatigue, loss of appetite.

“Take good care of yourself and go out there you want, dear lady.
You have a right to enjoy your life as anyone else.”

*This post is not intended to give anyone an advice.  It is a form of my opinion.

(by Byung A. Fallgren.  byungafallgren.wordpress.com)



Even before the twilight fades
The house sinks into night

Un-drawn curtain reveals
The lights in the window

Olden Christmas tree
Same as it used to be

She’s aware of all that, letting them
As they were yesterdays

The vision of the faces
Longing for the gentle touch

Galaxy away yet closer
Then again infinite distance

Long after the season gone
The tree dreams with her

Day and night and more nights
Waiting, waiting, waiting…

(by Byung A. Fallgren.  byungafallgren.wordpress.com)

She’s Blind


Mother:  “Did you pickup your date for lunch, Son?”
Son:  “Yes.”
Mother:  “You should’ve removed the snow off the windshield completely before…”
Son:  “What for?”
Mother:  “So she can see outside.”
Son:  “She’s blind.”

*After our squabble, my husband only cleaned the snow off his side windshield.  I stared at it for seconds then came up with the piece of joke.  It may not be so funny for some of you
but to me it was.  The photo was thought provoking, as well, especially silly one.  What’s more, the silly joke loosened our tense mood after the argument, making us crack smiles then laugh.  Laugh as often as you can, folks.

(by Byung A. Fallgren.  byungafallgren.wordpress.com)



Ed always made sure to keep the printer’s lid down after using it.  Noticing it is up, he asked the coworker, “Who left the printer’s lid up?”
Coworker:  “It must be a male.”

(Source:   Reader’s Digest)